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Climate Change and Health Impacts

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Healthcare Professionals Speak Up for Safe Climate

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New Haven Area Health and Climate Change Sign On Letter

As healthcare workers, it is our responsibility to take action on the rising threat of climate change, and how it may affect us as a whole. Not only does climate change negatively impact us now, but particularly threatens future generations. The World Health Organization is warning that climate change is “the single biggest health threat facing humanity.” The US Declaration on Climate Change and Health (signed by 19 public health organizations) affirmed the need for action, stating, “we declare climate change a health emergency and call for immediate action to protect the public’s health from the current and future impacts of climate change.”

We are calling on Mayor Elicker and the New Haven Board of Alders to 10% of direct federal funds (ARPA) coming to New Haven toward climate action that will immediately improve public health and reduce long term climate risks, especially for vulnerable communities.  Not only will we be acting in benefit of the health of our population, but also the health of critical ecosystems.

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