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 BoE Climate Emergency Resolution

Update: April 2023

We at the New Haven Climate Movement are asking the New Haven Board of Alders to allocate $400,000 this next fiscal year to the Board of Education specifically to hire climate staff for the school district. The staff we are asking the Board of Education to hire are an energy coordinator, a climate education coordinator, a sustainability coordinator, and a grant writer. These staff would oversee the different climate projects that we hope will be implemented in schools, such as electrifying buses and buildings, increasing energy efficiency in buildings, creating a recycling and composting program, incorporating climate education in the curriculum, and more.

The budgeting process for the Board of Alders ends in May, so we hope to have these funds included in the budget for this next fiscal year. This campaign to hire climate staff is to support the BoE Climate Emergency Resolution, which we passed in September 2022.

The BoE Climate Emergency Resolution is a campaign created in the spring of 2022, targeting the New Haven Board of Education (NHBOE). This campaign is pushing the NHBOE to declare a climate emergency and improve climate education and mobilization efforts throughout New Haven Public Schools.

The Aspen Institute, an international nonprofit organization, reported in their K12 Climate Action Plan that, “the education sector has yet to establish its role in addressing climate change, and large-scale climate solutions too often overlook the role education can play, “ and “envision(s) a future where America’s over 100,000 schools are models for climate action, climate solutions, and sustainability, and the 50 million children and youth in these schools are prepared to succeed in the clean economy and lead a more sustainable, resilient, and equitable society.”  While we have already gotten the Board of Alders and city of New Haven to declare a climate emergency in 2019, we believe that it is important that the NHBOE take action on climate change as well, due to the K-12 school system's immense contributions to carbon emissions.

If you are a local organization in New Haven that wishes to support the passing of our resolution, sign onto our letter.


Update: On September 27th, 2022, the NHBOE voted unanimously to pass the Climate Emergency Resolution. Thank you for all your support, and we will continue in our advocacy work to make sure our demands are implemented!

Swipe to read some highlights of our resolution.


In March 2022, NHCM had a press event advocating for the BoE Climate Emergency Resolution to be passed. New Haven Alderman Steve Winter, president of the New Haven Teachers Union Leslie Blatteau, and youth activists emphasized the importance of the NHBOE taking accountability for the school district's contributions to climate change. Read the full article here.

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Public Support

Yale students from the Yale College Democrats created testimonial videos in support of our resolution. Watch them here!


Advocacy Work

CHEP interns and New Haven Public School students gathered petition signatures in support of the BoE Climate Emergency Resolution. On the petition, students listed climate projects and initiatives they'd like to see in their high schools!



Want to support

the BoE Climate Emergency Resolution?

chep interns petition 2.PNG

CHEP interns Amalia and Sciana (far right) tabling for signatures at Hopkins School.


Students from Wilbur Cross High School displaying their petition at our Dec 4. rally "Give the Gift of a Healthy Future."

CHEP interns peitition.jpg

CHEP interns at Career High School showing off their petition for the BoE to act on the climate emergency.

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