The Electric Future campaign is pushing New Haven towards having 100 percent of its buildings, vehicles, and appliances powered by electricity, rather than the natural gas and gasoline that many of them currently run on. To truly decarbonize, we must power everything using clean energy, and electrification is a necessary step in that process. Additional benefits of electrification include long-term savings on energy bills and public health benefits from improved air quality. 

We created the Climate Education team with the goal of expanding climate change education in New Haven public schools and to encourage schools to make changes that cut greenhouse gases in their everyday operations. An enhanced curriculum would include a sufficient understanding of the climate crisis and its impacts on the environment. The Climate Education team has put together a proposal for Climate Justice Schools to provide students with the education and skills to address this crisis. 

The climate and health campaign was created in the spring of 2022, and calls on Mayor Elicker and the Board of Alders to invest 10% of federal funds from the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) towards climate action efforts that will improve public health. We're asking healthcare professionals to vocalize the health dangers of climate change by signing our Climate and Health Sign On Letter.

Today’s car-centric transportation system has proven to be unsustainable, energy inefficient, and negatively impacting the health of communities. These consequences disproportionally effect groups least likely to own or drive a car. The need to re-imagine our transportation system is about more than getting from point A to B, it’s about the health, safety, equality, and vitality of our communities, and ensuring the needs of the most vulnerable members are met. 

In 2021 we pushed for part of the Federal relief funds coming to New Haven (over $90 million) be directed to climate, public health and green jobs programs. Specifically, we've called for 10% of the New Haven Rescue Plan ($9 million) to go to staff and other expenses related to clean energy jobs creation, energy efficiency outreach/education/programs (to save families money and create jobs), increased climate education, and transportation improvement (to reduce air pollution and help people get to work/school).

We organized the Connecticut Shoreline Campaign to push for a Connecticut Green New Deal as a response to both the climate crisis and the COVID-19 public health and economic crisis. We are using art and media to educate residents living along the Connecticut coast and to mobilize them to advocate for strong action to reduce climate threats. We hope to engage individuals and organizations in pressuring elected leaders in the Connecticut Senate and House who live along the Shoreline, as well as Governor Lamont, to pass a Connecticut Green New Deal.  

In the summer of 2019, our team worked to mobilize New Haven residents in support of declaring a climate emergency in conjunction with the Climate Mobilization platform and other cities across the world. On September 3, the New Haven Board of Alders unanimously passed our Climate Emergency resolution, which recognizes the Climate Emergency by calling for zero emissions by 2030 and a city climate mobilization task force. 

The BoE Climate Emergency Resolution was created in the spring of 2022, specifically targeting the New Haven Board of Education to declare a climate emergency. We’re calling for the BoE to pass this resolution to improve sustainability and environmental practices inside our classrooms and inspire a new generation of climate leaders.