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City Climate Emergency Resolution

In the summer of 2019, our team worked to mobilize New Haven residents in support of declaring a climate emergency in conjunction with the Climate Mobilization platform and other cities across the world. On September 3, the New Haven Board of Alders unanimously passed our Climate Emergency Resolution, which recognizes the climate emergency by calling for zero emissions in New Haven by 2030 and the creation of a climate mobilization task force. 
Since passing the resolution, the city has committed $560,000 in capital funding towards climate infrastructure projects through our 0.1% or the Future proposal (asked for 0.1% of the city’s budget to go towards investing in climate change) as well as $50,000 in their general 2020 budget towards climate solutions, and the climate mobilization task force is being formed. We believe that passing the Climate Emergency resolution is a big step for New Haven in addressing the climate crisis and provides the foundation for future climate solution initiatives. 

Public Support 

During the summer we circulated a petition in support of the passage of the Climate Emergency resolution and received over 1,500 signatures from individuals in the New Haven area.
Organizational signers of the petition include: 350CT, Junta for Progressive Action, Bradley Street Bike Coop, New Haven Farms,Common Ground High School, CT Sierra Club, New Haven Land Trust, CT Fund for the Environment, Clean Water Action, Green Eco Warriors Inc, Elm City Cycling, Efficiency For ALL, New Haven Bike Month, New Haven Leon Sister City Project, New Haven Climate Movement, People's Action for Clean Energy, New Haven Energy Task Force, Fossil Free Yale, Sunrise New Haven, and APNH: A Place to Nourish your Health, Elm City Internationals, Unidad Latina Nen Accion, and more. 

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