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New Haven Bike Vision - Time to Act
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The purpose of this report is to re-imagine a transportation system that supports all modalities of travel and list the many benefits it would have on the New Haven community. This is a call to action – let’s mobilize our community and demand that the Mayor and Board of Alders move to address climate emergency through an improved bike network.


Safe, reliable, equitable, and sustainable transportation infrastructure that serves all residents of New Haven, regardless, age or ability, or modality.

Time for Action

Today’s car-centric transportation system has proven to be unsustainable, energy inefficient, and negatively impacting the health of communities; these consequences disproportionally effect groups least likely to own or drive a car.1 The need to re-imagine our transportation system is about more than getting from point A to B, it’s about the health, safety, equality, and vitality of our communities, and ensuring the needs of the most vulnerable members are met. We need to focus on moving people within New Haven, not just through it.2 The benefits of a system that promotes active transportation can help address many of the consequences created by our car-centric society.


Safe Streets Coalition, New Haven Climate Movement, Junta for Progressive Action, Bradley Street Bicycle Co-op, Citywide Youth Coalition

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New Haven Bike Vision
Bike Vision New Haven

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