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A Green New Deal for CT

We organized the Connecticut Shoreline Campaign to push for a Connecticut Green New Deal as a response to both the climate crisis and the COVID-19 public health and economic crisis. We are using art and media to educate residents living along the Connecticut coast and to mobilize them to advocate for strong action to reduce climate threats. We hope to engage individuals and organizations in pressuring elected leaders in the Connecticut Senate and House who live along the Shoreline, as well as Governor Lamont, to pass a Connecticut Green New Deal.  Check out our Shoreline Senator Call-In Day below!

Components of a Green New Deal for Connecticut Recovery:

  • Set a statewide goal of eliminating climate pollution by 2030

  • Commit a "just transition" from fossil fuels to a clean energy economy

  • Immediately cease all permitting and other approvals for fossil fuel infrastructure

  • Invest in green jobs - clean energy, energy efficiency, healthy transportation.

Call your Senator to push for climate action! 

  • Let's mobilize together to pressure elected leaders to pass bold legislation addressing the climate crisis in 2021.

  • Call your state senator and flood them with the message to act on the climate crisis this legislative session. 

  • Our time to address the climate crisis is running out. Scientists have done their job, and now it is time for our elected officials to do their job. 

  • Find senator contact information, calling script, and flyers here. 

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Sign the petition below in support of a CT Green New Deal.

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