New Haven Climate Justice and Green Jobs Fund


Safe Climate - Healthy Neighborhoods


Proposal:  Establish a Climate Justice and Green Jobs Fund of $1.1 million that would go annually to staff and other expenses related to clean energy jobs creation, energy efficiency outreach/education/programs (to save families money and create jobs), increased climate education, and transportation improvement (to reduce air pollution and help people get to work/school).  These projects are all related to economic recovery and taking responsibility for the New Haven community's annual $120,000,000 climate debt on 1.2 millions tons of carbon emissions.

Full Proposal here.

Invest Federal Recovery Funds in Climate Solutions

NHCM pushing to have $9 million of the coming $90 million in relief funds go towards climate projects that create jobs, improve public health, support energy efficiency and electrification, and make our neighborhoods and families healthier. See letter to Mayor here.

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