Our Mission:

Our organization creates grassroots activism movements, involving community members in meaningful actions against climate change. 

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The signals from Earth have been growing louder and louder: collapsing coral reefs, an Arctic in crisis, extreme weather events, droughts, and immense forest fires . Climate change is real and permanently damaging our home.

And the science is clear that we are going to pass the 1.5C limit set at the Paris climate talks. Passing this limit risks setting off self-reinforcing feedback loops that will greatly increase greenhouse gas emissions.


It's clear we are in a planetary emergency, and need a much stronger response than anything currently proposed.  The New Haven Climate Movement joins with The Climate Mobilization, Bill McKibben, and Senator Bernie Sanders in calling for a WWII-scale social and economic mobilization to restore a climate that is safe, stable, and supportive of human civilization.

Join us in this critical effort.


100 % renewable energy in New Haven. 

Our town can join others, such as Burlington, VT, in setting the tone for immediate transition from fossil fuels. 


We create public art and activism projects to spread knowledge about the effects of climate change. We also helped to craft the New Haven Climate and Sustainability Framework, a document listing initiatives for greenhouse gas reduction signed by the Mayor and to be presented in 2017 to the Alders of the city of New Haven. 


Climate change impacts everyone. 

Our organization creates grassroots activism, involving community members in meaningful actions against climate change. 

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