About Us


The New Haven Climate Movement is an inter-generational grassroots organization of New Haven area residents. Together, we push for strong action on climate change in New Haven by mobilizing community residents and local organizations to learn about and act on the climate emergency. We fight for government policies and investments that will restore a safe climate and create a just future for all. 

The climate crisis poses unique challenges for New Haven. Sea level rise and storm surges endanger businesses and infrastructure in our coastal communities, such as Long Island Sound. New Haven is already home to countless climate refugees, fleeing from their homes in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria. A large number of New Haven residents are threatened by asthma due to bad air quality, heat waves, and nearby power plants. We have already seen the impacts of climate change disproportionately affect New Haven’s most vulnerable residents, which is why we believe that New Haven must take immediate action to address this emergency and why we must prioritize equity and justice in our solutions. 


Our accomplishments include passing the New Haven Climate and Sustainability Framework in 2018 which outlines key strategies to address the climate emergency in New Haven. We also passed the New Haven Climate Emergency Resolution in 2019 which calls for zero emissions by 2030 and a city climate mobilization task force. In 2020, we got the city to commit $560,000 in capital funding towards climate infrastructure projects through our 0.1% for the Future proposal (asked for 0.1% of the city’s budget to go towards investing in climate change) as well as $50,000 in their general 2020 budget towards climate solutions. 

But if New Haven is going to create a sustainable and just city for all, with net-zero carbon emissions and a resilient economy, there is so much work left to be done. Join us in this critical effort!

Thank You to our lead funders, Greater New Haven Green Fund, Patagonia, and Community Foundation of Greater New Haven.